Calm Trait

calm trait

These sims seem to retain calmness in all manner of circumstances, where most other sims would become flustered, angry and overwhelmed. They always appear peaceful and relaxed and such attract others to them. Instead of being harried balls of stress who are constantly freaking out and running around like headless chickens. These sims are calm, chilled out, and seem to be enjoying life a lot more than the stressy crew.


sims with this trait will put self-care first. they make a point of having baths with rose petals, honey-milk etc. they love getting a good massage, a good tea and a tv show. lets not forget that they love meditating and doing yoga. calm sims also love taking the time to enjoy themselves. they enjoy bonfire with all of their friends around telling memorable bonfire stories. they enjoy the sound of jazz, blues and classics of course. sims with calm trait will often want to be alone and go for a jog, go see a museum or an art gallery, read a book while appreciating the view of his/her apartment. In their social life, they are 100% HUGGERS! They just love spending time hugging or snuggling with sims they love. You will also see that those type of sims will be happy to kiss their soulmates! They just love living the moment. Calm sims are more likely to get ''Going With The Flow'' buff when they are simply ''enjoying themselves''.

to get a full experience you might want outdoor retreat and spa day.

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